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About Us

In the early years of Englewood there was no fire protection. It took the loss of LA Ainger's grocery store in 1949 to make the town realize they needed a Fire Department. On June 17, 1949 a charter was drawn up and the Englewood Community had their own Volunteer Fire Department. In 1983 EVFD disbanded and the Englewood Area Fire Control District was approved by the State Legislature.  It is an independent governmental unit funded by a non-ad valorm assessment.

The Englewood Area Fire Control District operates the Englewood Fire Department utilizing six fire stations and a professional staff of 51 Firefighter/EMT's assigned to three shifts. (A ShiftB ShiftC Shift)
A minimum of 18 Firefighter/EMT's are on duty each day. 

​Thank you for visiting the Englewood Area Fire Control District’s website. The men and women of this District recognize our responsibility to help ensure the safety of the people in our District. We consider public service a privilege and value the trust we are given by the people we serve. We are dedicated to delivering our services in a courteous, expedient, and efficient manner. 
For more than 30 years, our District has worked hard to adapt and evolve to meet the challenges of providing a wide spectrum of emergency services to a diverse community. I believe our greatest asset is our team of employees who consistently go the extra mile in delivering these vital services. It's people who carry out our mission, and the people who make up the District. 
Organizationally, we are faced with an enormous task. The District's response area covers approximately 83 square miles and we serve a population of more than 50,000 with 17 on-duty suppression/emergency medical fire-fighters. As a District, we must do more than simply respond when called; we must do all we can to prevent fires and prepare in advance for emergencies. 
The Fire District continues to move forward and strives to utilize innovative methods to meet our operational goals and financial needs.  There has been dramatic improvement over the past several years with the modernization of our fleet, equipment, training facility, and operational practices.   
We are continually working to ensure that our training equipment and facilities are at the necessary levels to meet the needs of the citizens and community we serve.   

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