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What happens when I call 911?

 Your call is answered by a trained telecommunicator to gather your information, initiate an appropriate response, and provide instructions or information before the ambulance and/or fire truck arrives.


Why does a fire truck come to my house when I call for an ambulance?

 In Englewood when an ambulance is called to a medical call, the ambulance is provided from either Sarasota County or Charlotte County. To ensure that help arrives promptly, the closest emergency unit is dispatched, this is frequently a fire truck from the Englewood Fire Department. Certain high acuity calls such as heart attacks, strokes, and breathing problems will also prompt the response of a fire truck along with the ambulance for extra help with patient care.


 What is a Knox Box?

 Fire departments across the country use the Knox System to prevent costly forced entry damage while protecting lives and property. Firefighters use a unique high security Knox Master Key to open KNOX-BOX devices in their jurisdiction.

      With one Knox Master Key buildings are immediately accessible.

  •  Immediate Fire Department building entry day or night.
  •  Time-saving response to false alarms
  • Safe entry without forcible entry

Order online at or call 800-552-5669.

 If you have questions, please feel free to contact Englewood Fire Marshal at 941-474-3311.


 How do I obtain fire station information for my insurance company?

Many insurance companies providing homeowner's insurance want to know the name of the fire station closest to your home and the distance from the home to the nearest fire hydrant. You may be able to determine the proximity of the hydrant by simply looking around for the closest hydrant and estimating the distance.

To assist you in determining this information, contact the Fire Department Headquarters at 941-474-3311.


What must you do if an emergency vehicle with activated lights and/or sirens is approaching you from behind?

 Pull over to the edge of the roadway, clear of intersections, and stop. Emergency vehicle drivers are taught to pass on the left whenever possible when responding in an emergency mode. When safe, slow down, pull over to the right, and stop. Leave your foot on the brake to let emergency vehicle drivers know you have stopped.


Why do I see firefighters at stores when they are working?

 Firefighters work 24-hour shifts. It is common for them to stop on the way back from a 911 call and pick up food so they can cook dinner as a shift. They are usually centrally located at the store and ready to respond if another call comes in.




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