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Are you up for the challenge?

May contain: helmet, person, and fire
  • Are you mentally ready? Can you think well under stress? Do you take written exams well? The state exam is very difficult and requires alot of preparation.​​
  • Are you physically ready? Physical training is very rigid and mimics the functional movements of firefighting. There will be long and hot days out in the heat. As well as the tiring operational functions you will be performing.
  • Can you follow orders and take direction without feeling the need to question? The academy is operated in a paramilitary manner where orders must be followed without hesitation or complaint.
  • Can you remain calm under high stress situations? Instructors will test your ability to think quickly on your feet, follow directions, and respond calmly under emotionally tense situations.
  • Are you a team player? Do you work well with others? Can you accept criticism from your peers? People who do not work well in a group setting generally find the academy environment very difficult.
  • Can you devote time each night for study and preparation? There is considerable homework and preparation time needed during the academy.
  • Do you have full support of your family to assist you in your training? Past experience has shown that strong family support is a critical factor in academy success.
  • NOTE: If you answered "NO" to any of the questions listed above. You should contact the academy director for advisement
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